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Footprints On The Heart Family Portrait Blog

Recent posts on our blog celebrating family portraits and the relationships in your life

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    Celebrating the Family and the people you love with beautiful Family Portraits -Wall Art that will warm your home and your heart forever.

    The recent economic times have caused us to focus more on what's important in our lives, and for most of us, it isn't posessions; it's the people that we love, the people who entered our lives and permanently left their footprints all over our hearts.

    We won't always have those we love close.

    Time, distance and mortality too frequently separate us, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. Kids grow up, and we have them for what seems like a very short time before they leave the nest and start families of their own.

    Both our children have done this, and our oldest daughter is a military wife, who we see about once a year, so we fully understand the time and distance separation.

    In 1998 and 1999, we lost three grandparents in a year, all unexpectedly, so we fully understand how the natural ebb and flow of life separates us from those we love. Not a day goes by that we don't miss them.

    That's why we decided to focus our efforts on creating photographing our clients and their important relationships - creating beautiful family portraits of all the various combinations in their lives

    There's quite a bit of information on this website, but celebrating these relationships is so important to us that we've created a dedicated site called Footprints On The Heart. This is a website/blog and we update it not only with examples and stories of those we've photographed, but with other heart-touching items as well. We invite you to visit that site for even more information.

    What relationships are important to you? Who would you like to keep close even when they're not?

    It's one of those things that so easy to put off, and before you know it, it will be too late, and you'll always regret not taking advantage of the opportunity.

    We invite you to learn more on this website, and on Footprints On The Heart, and then call us at 503-588-0902. Together, we'll design the perfect portrait to capture these wonderful memories for you forever in a beautiful Family Wall Portrait

    There's no better time to celebrate those you love with a beautifully designed and created story telling portrait. Don't put it off any longer.

    We help you keep those you love close, even when they're not - Family and Relationship Portraits from Encore! Portrait DesignUn


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